8th DB Retreat, 2018

Date: 23.02.2018 - 25.02.2018
Place: Zur Goldenen Rose, Karthaus, Italy
General Chairs: Michael Böhlen, Johann Gamper, Nikolaus Augsten, Sven Helmer
Local Chair: Johann Gamper


Friday, 23.02.2018

19:00 Welcome and opening

Saturday, 24.02.2018

09:00 - 10:30 Session 1
Session chair: Nikolaus Augsten
PhD students and postdocs
Pitch talks session
Kevin Wellenzohn
Performance Evaluation of Hierarchical Indexes
Opponent: Daniel Kocher
11:00 - 12:30 Session 2
Session chair: Fabio Persia
Yvonne Mülle
Durations in Ongoing Databases
Opponent: Mateusz Pawlik
Michael Shekelyan
SliceHist: Practical Epsilon-Approximation and Discrepancy Estimation for Multidimensional Data
Opponent: Bezaye Tesfaye
Anton Dignös and Muhammad Saad
Getting Your Work Published
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 15:00 Session 3
Session chair: Johann Gamper
Willi Mann
SWOOP: Top-k Similarity Joins over Set Streams
Opponent: Oksana Dolmatova
Thomas Hütter
Tree Similarity Joins
Opponent: Muhammad Saad
Mateusz Pawlik and Oksana Dolmatova
How to Start and Do a PhD
15:30 Retreat hike and dinner at Schöne Aussicht

Sunday, 25.02.2018

09:00 - 10:30 Session 4
Session chair: Mateusz Pawlik
Daniel Kocher
Efficent Indexing for Subtree Similarity Search
Opponent: Kevin Wellenzohn
Muhammad Saad
FFT over Data Streams in Apache Flink
Opponent: Michael Shekelyan
Nikolaus Augsten and Kevin Wellenzohn
Excelling in Academic Evaluations
11:00 - 12:30 Session 5
Session chair: Daniel Kocher
Oksana Dolmatova
Empirical Evaluation of Linear Relational Algebra
Opponent: Fabio Persia
Bezaye Tesfaye
Efficient Reachability Queries in Temporal Graphs
Opponent: Yvonne Mülle
Sven Helmer and Thomas Hütter
Attracting the Best Students
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch