Welcome to the Database Research Group

The Database Research Group is part of the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Salzburg, Austria. Our research interests include data-centric applications in database and information systems with a particular focus on similarity search queries over large data collections, for example, approximate matching of strings and trees, efficient indexes for distance computations, and top-k queries. Other fields of research include load balancing algorithms for distributed frameworks like MapReduce and queries in geographic information systems. The research results are new algorithms with performance guarantees, which are implemented and evaluated on the motivating application.

Nikolaus Augsten
Head of the Database Research Group


Kurt-Zopf Award for Best Paper
Our TODS paper on the efficient computation of the tree edit distance received the Kurt-Zopf-Förderpreis awarded by University of Salzburg to the best journal paper 2015.
Paper at VLDB 2016, New Dehli
Paper in ACM TODS
Our paper "Efficient computation of the tree edit distance" appeared in the journal ACM Transactions on Database Systems. Find it [HERE].
New project funded
Our research project "FFTED - Fast and Flexible Tree Edit Distance" has been funded by Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Find more details [HERE].
Paper in Elsevier Information Systems
Our paper "Tree edit distance: Robust and memory-efficient" will appear in the journal Elsevier Information Systems. A pre-release version is available [HERE].