FFTED - Fast and Flexible Tree Edit Distance

Website: ffted.dbresearch.uni-salzburg.at
Duration: 2017 - 2020
Funding: 388'836 EUR (Austrian Science Fund - FWF, P 29859 Einzelprojekte)

Tree Edit Distance

Reference website to measuring similarity of tree structured data using the tree edit distance measure. The runnable and source code of the RTED algorithm - most efficient tree edit distance algorithm.

Website: tree-edit-distance.dbresearch.uni-salzburg.at

DK GIScience

A doctoral college in Geographic Information Sciences at the University of Salzburg. In the context of this project, the database research group works on extend GIS capabilities of database systems with a focus on two main topics:

Website: dk-giscience.zgis.net
Duration: 2015 - 2019
Partners: Z_GIS, Dept. of Geographie and Geology (Univ. Salzburg), ZAMG, Louisiana State University
Funding: 2'133'000 EUR (Austrian Science Fund - FWF)


We empirically evaluated set similarity join techniques. We provide an extended version of our PVLDB paper as well as the runnable source code for the experiments.

Website: ssjoin.dbresearch.uni-salzburg.at