WFM: Advances in Database Research 4

German (English on request)
SS 2022/2023



Questions and discussions

For questions and discussions (also among students) regarding course specific topics please use the Slack channel #advances-in-database-research (Workspace

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Procedure and Evaluation

The seminar consists of presentations given bei the students and discussions on the presentations.

Presentations: The students choose a current research paper (from a given list), which they prepare and present during the seminar. The presentation should be very detailed and didactically well prepared. Students should not just recite the explanations in the research paper, but acquire the necessary background knowledge and build their own understanding. Students should be able to respond to detailed questions and create and solve examples on their own.

Discussion: students listen to presentations by fellow students and young researchers and engage with the content in discussions.

The quality of the presentation, the participation in the discussions, and the quality of the contributions to the discussion will be evaluated.

Research Papers

The papers are grouped by topic.

Fuzzy and Semantic Token Matching

Scalable Set Similarity Queries

Data Processing Using Fast Networks

Main-Memory Database Systems

Discovering JSON Schemas


Location: Seminar room T04

Date Time Presenter Titel
2023-03-16 13:00-14:00 Nikolaus Augsten Kickoff meeting (compulsory)
2023-03-23 12:00-13:30 Manuel Widmoser MetricJoin: Leveraging Metric Properties for Robust Exact Set Similarity Joins
2023-04-27 11:30-12:30 Fabian Schwaiger JOSIE: Overlap Set Similarity Search for Finding Joinable Tables in Data Lakes
2023-05-04 11:30-12:30 Luis Mark Thiele Fast-join: An efficient method for fuzzy token matching based string similarity join
2023-05-04 12:30-13:30 David Ralser KOIOS: Top-k Semantic Overlap Set Search
2023-05-11 12:30-13:30 Konstantin Thiel FINEX: A Fast Index for Exact & Flexible Density-Based Clustering
2023-05-25 11:30-12:30 Jonathan Lainer The End of an Architectural Era: (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite)
2023-05-25 12:30-13:30 Alexander Posch Integrating Deep Learning Frameworks into Main-Memory Databases
2023-06-01 11:30-12:30 Serhat Yalcin High-Speed Query Processing over High-Speed Networks (CANCELED)
2023-06-15 11:30-12:30 Markus Diller Schema inference for massive JSON datasets
2023-06-15 12:30-13:30 Bianca Löhnert Ontology Based Data Access for GQL databases
2023-06-22 11:30-12:30 Begüm Tosun The End of a Myth: Distributed Transactions Can Scale